Access the BloomU Zoom Portal

When you access Bloomsburg University’s Zoom portal, logging in for the first time creates your Zoom account. This is the first step to using Zoom. You can access the portal via the Web.

Access BloomU Zoom Via the Web

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In.
    Zoom portal
  3. Enter your Bloomsburg credentials and click Sign On.
  4. This should do one of 3 things: create your account, or log you in and take you to your Profile page in our Zoom portal, or send an email to you asking you to move your account to ours (please follow the directions in your email to do this).

Faculty and staff who access Zoom for the first time after 8/17/20 requiring a LICENSED account should reach out to to let us know to change your account type to licensed. Accounts created by visiting the portal are now automatically basic accounts- we need to grant your licenses.