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Access & Accounts

How do I access BOLT?

To access BOLT, navigate to and click on BU Account Login. This will take you to the HuskyID Single Sign-On page. Enter your Husky ID and password.

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What is my BOLT username and password?

Your BOLT username and password are your HuskyID which you use for all the Bloomsburg University network systems.

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How can I change my BOLT password?

You can't change your password in BOLT. Your password is the same password you use for BU email, network access, and MyHusky. If you need to change your password, click the 'Forgot My Password' button on the HuskyID Single Sign-On page. Please read the directions on the Password Change page carefully as changing this password will change your campus network password too.

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When do new, incoming students have access to BOLT?

New incoming Fall freshmen generally have access in early June. Summer start freshmen registered for courses will generally have access to BOLT the Thursday before summer session begins. Finally, transfer students starting in the Fall semester generally gain access to BOLT two weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester.

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How long will I have access after graduation?

Generally, graduates lose access to BOLT one month into the semester they graduated the following year.

  • Fall grads will be removed one month after the Fall semester starts the following year.
  • Spring grads will be removed one month after the Spring semester starts the following year.
  • Summer grads will be removed one month after Summer session starts the following year.


  • Spring 2015 graduates would lose access February 2016
  • Summer 2015 graduates would lose access June 2016
  • Fall 2015 graduates would lose access September 2016

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Do alumni have access to BOLT?

No, alumni do not have access to BOLT. BOLT accounts are tied to your Husky email accounts. Alumni do not have Husky email.

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How can I access my ePortfolio after I graduate?

You can sign up for an EduDentity account and export your ePortfolio to myDesire2Learn. This will allow you to access and modify your ePortfolio outside of BOLT after graduation. For more information on how to do this, please see the myDesire2Learn Access widget on the BOLT My Home page upon logging into BOLT.

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Is BOLT ever unavailable?

BOLT is very rarely unavailable during maintenance now. Maintenance used to occur the 2nd Sunday of every month from 1:00AM to 7:00AM EST. However, Desire2Learn has improved maintenance and downtime is extremely minimal. If BOLT has expected downtime, we will post an announcement in BOLT to let all end users know about it.

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Why is the maintenance page still up?

If a maintenance window has passed and you still see the maintenance page, there could be several reasons why:

  • If maintenance goes over the allotted time, which can happen but is rare, you will still encounter the page until maintenance is complete.
  • The page is cached in your browser. To clear it and access BOLT, try clearing your browser cache.

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How do I find my courses in BOLT?

Your courses are available by clicking on the Select a course icon at the top of the page in BOLT. It looks like a grid. We recommend pinning the current semester's courses so they show up at the front of the list in your My Courses widget. You can also find your courses via the My Courses widget.

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When are this semester's courses available?

Students are put into courses approximately two weeks prior to the start of a semester or session. However, courses may or may not be available in BOLT. Professors must activate courses in BOLT before students can access them.

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Why don't I see my courses in BOLT?

If a course is not showing up in BOLT,

  1. You just registered for the course via MyHusky. It takes 24-48 hours for the course to show up in BOLT after registering.
  2. Your professor has not made the course active for students yet in BOLT.
  3. Your professor is not using BOLT for the course.
  4. You don't have it pinned to your My Courses widget or haven't filtered by the semester. 

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How do I register my clicker in BOLT?

For information on how to register your clicker in BOLT, see the Student Clicker Registration widget on the My Home page in BOLT.

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Do I have to register my clicker every semester?

No. Once you register your clicker via BOLT, it will stay registered to you. You should check your subscription, though. Subscriptions are required for students to receive credit for responding via clickers in class. 

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Need Help?

How can I get help using BOLT?

Check out the BOLT Support widget in BOLT for our on campus support hours and contact information, as well as a form you can submit to request help or use to search the articles on this Infobase.

We also have 24/7/365 BOLT Support from our vendor for after hours assistance. Just call 1-866-921-0473. 

Please browse our student support website. We have a number of pages with help docs and videos for students. If you still need assistance, or if you need to troubleshoot a problem in BOLT, you can contact BOLT Support.

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How can I get help using Zoom?

For help with Zoom, go to

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