Insert a YouTube Video

You can use the Insert Stuff button to add a YouTube video to your posts in Discussions.

  1. In a post, click Insert Stuff (The first button on the left).

    Discussion post with the Insert Stuff button highlighted.
  2. Select YouTube.
    Insert Stuff panel with several options including ePortfolio, Video Note, Video Note Search, Youtube (highlighted), Flickr, Insert Link, & Enter Embed Code.
  3. Enter a description, keywords, title, etc. of what you are searching for and click Search.
  4. Click on the video you want to add.
  5. Click Next.

    Insert Stuff window with search field and search button, a listing of found YouTube videos, and Next, Back, and Cancel buttons.
  6. On the preview page, review the video you want to add to make sure it’s right.
  7. Click Insert.
    Insert Stuff window displaying the properties of a selected YouTube video including the source, link text, width, and height of the video.