Check the Org Unit Display Options in your Grades Settings. Under Student View Display Options, make sure there are Grade Details selected. If there are, 

  • is it a final grade? You may need to release final grades. Students can't see those until they are released.
  • is the grade item hidden? Check the item's visibility on the Restrictions tab.
  • Did you override student view display options in the grade item? Check this on the Properties tab of the item. If you chose to override display options for this item and Points grade is de-selected, for example, students won't see the points for this item.
  • Is the item a quiz grade? It's possible automatic publish to grades was not selected, or the quiz is associated with a bonus grade item and also has all bonus questions.
  • Is the item an assignment grade? Grades won't show up until assignment submission feedback is published.

For more information search for "If You or Students Are Not Seeing the Grades" in the BOLT Help Course in BOLT.