You can require Turnitin for assignments on the Turnitin tab when creating or editing an assignment.

  1. In Assignments, create or edit an assignment and click the Turnitin tab.
  2. Select the checkbox beside "Enable GradeMark for this folder". You must enable GradeMark to use the Originality Checking (plagiarism checking) feature. You don't have to use GradeMark to assess, but you still must enable it.
  3. You will see a message that says please wait while we contact Turnitin. Once the message disappears you will be able to make other selections.
  4. Select how you want GradeMark scores to transfer to BOLT if you are using GradeMark.
  5. Select the checkbox beside "Enable Originality Check for this folder".
  6. Choose whether to display the similarity score to students. Please note they will see this if you use GradeMark and they go out to Turnitin Feedback Studio to view your comments and markup.
  7. Select whether you want to automatically check all submissions or identify individual submissions to check.
  8. Click More Options in Turnitin if you want to modify advanced Turnitin settings for this assignment.
  9. In the More Options dialog, click Optional Settings.
  10. Under Submission settings, select appropriate options. 
  11. The drop-down menu allows you to select where to store the submission. (PLEASE NOTE: if you want to enable Originality Check on a DRAFT assignment, you must select "Do not store the submitted papers" option- if you do not, the final paper will show up as heavily plagiarized- against the draft the student submitted!)
  12. Select what sources to compare the submission against.
  13. Select options related to the Similarity Report such as when the report is processed and what to exclude from the report.
  14. Select whether to save the settings for future use (reducing time spent setting up assignments).
  15. Click Submit.
  16. Save your work: Click Save or Save and Close.

When Turnitin is enabled, you will see a specific icon beside the assignment's name.