What is BOLT?

BOLT stands for Bloomsburg Online Learning and Teaching and is our online learning management system. 

BOLT is powered by the D2L Brightspace platform and has integrated tools available from other services such as Turnitin, Turning Technologies, and Respondus, and textbook publishers like Pearson and McGraw-Hill. Every course section loads into BOLT from MyHusky, and instructors gain access to BOLT and BOLT courses within 24-48 hours of being added as the Instructor of Record in MyHusky.

Access BOLT at https://bolt.bloomu.edu

To access BOLT, go to https://bolt.bloomu.edu, click the BU Account Login button, and enter your Bloomsburg credentials on the Single Sign-On page.

Here is a video to assist you with logging into BOLT:

As a new faculty member, you may not have access to BOLT yet. BOLT requires Bloomsburg credentials to access the platform, and accounts are generated based on instructor listings in courses in MyHusky. Instructors are listed in MyHusky as contracts are finalized and departments send paperwork to the registrar to update the MyHusky listing for the course.

If you can't access BOLT...

  • Do you have Bloomsburg credentials? 
    • If not, you will need these first. 
    • BOLT uses Bloomsburg network/email credentials. 
    • If you have questions about network credentials, contact the BU Help Desk at (570)389-4357
  • Are you listed as the instructor for the course in MyHusky?
    • If not, your BOLT account won't exist yet- if you try to use your credentials to login, you may get a Not Authorized message.
    • BOLT adds accounts based on MyHusky listings every 24-48 hours. Instructors must be listed as the instructor of record for the course in MyHusky to generate a BOLT account and enroll them into the course as instructor.
    • If you have questions about being listed as the Instructor of record in MyHusky, we recommend contacting your department.
  • ...but you are teaching online soon and access to BOLT is delayed due to contract finalization?
    • Ask your department to contact imdc@bloomu.edu to let us know which course sections you are teaching and to request early BOLT access for you.
      • We will attempt to get clearance to add you to BOLT early.
      • If we get clearance to add you, we will need a working email address to create a temporary BOLT account for you.