Why combine courses?

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course, we can combine the course sections into one course offering in BOLT. Instructors can use features like Conditional Release and Special Access to control which section sees or has access to which materials and tools in the course. Combining course sections can save instructors time because they don't have to create multiple versions of a course, and only need to manage their sections in one course offering.

We combine courses during a period of time prior to the load of courses from MyHusky to BOLT.

Course Combine Deadline for Fall 2021: June 1, 2021

Instructors listed as the instructor of record in MyHusky can request course combine in MyHusky using the BOLT Combined Request tab in the Faculty Center in MyHusky.

Instructors who are teaching lecture with lab sections who want to combine the lecture with all lab sections can request this special course combine by contacting us at imdc@bloomu.edu. Include the course and all sections that should be combined in the request.

Instructors who don't see the course listed in their MyHusky yet or are delayed due to contracts/paperwork can ask their department to make the course combine request. The department can contact us at imdc@bloomu.edu to make this request. We will need to know which course and sections that need to be combined. 

The IMDC will combine courses on a case by case basis after the course combine deadline. Requests after the deadline will be accommodated for schedule changes and new faculty/contract delays.