If you want to add participants to your course that aren't registered as a student in Banner, you can do this via the Classlist tool in your course. This is useful if you want to add Grad or Teaching assistants, support staff, other instructors, or content builders. 

Please note that a participant MUST have an existing Brightspace account to add them. If a student is officially registered in Banner, they should not need to be added and should appear within the Classlist within minutes of enrollment.

To add participants to your Classlist,

  1. Click the Add Participants button.
  2. Select Add existing users.
  3. Search for the users you want to add.
  4. Select the checkbox beside the user you want to enroll.
  5. Select the appropriate role for them using the Role selector.
  6. Select a section from the Section selector.
  7. Click Enroll Selected Users.
  8. Click Done or Add More Participants to add more people.