In the BloomU Zoom portal, you can modify your overall meeting settings. You can also modify some settings per meeting to override the overall settings. Some settings have been locked by admins.

Zoom Meeting Settings
Can Set Per Meeting
Can Set Overall
  • Host/participant video start
  • Audio type
  • Join before Host
  • Mute on entry
  • Record automatically
  • Require password
All on the left plus
  • Chat and private chat
  • Play sound for join/leave
  • File transfer
  • Remote control
  • Waiting room
  • Feedback icons

Edit Overall Meeting Settings

Meeting settings show the features that are available to you while using Zoom. A blue bubble indicates that the setting is active. A setting is inactive if its bubble is greyed out. You can add/remove features by toggling this bubble to show blue(active) or grey(inactive).

  1. In the BloomU Zoom portal, click Meeting Settings.
  2. Click on the status indicators to toggle settings on and off. Click Reset to return to default.