Provide Participants with the Join URL

Participants will need the Join URL for your meeting to access it at the appropriate time. They will not have access to the meetings you scheduled without the Join URL.

When you scheduled the meeting, you could have copied the Join URL. If you did not, you can click on the name of the meeting in the BloomU Zoom portal and copy the Join URL on the page.

You can provide the Join URL in a number of ways:

  • In BOLT Content (or Announcements, or via Classlist > Email Classlist, etc.)
  • Via Outlook or Outlook web app

Add the Join URL to BOLT Content

  1. Go to Content in your BOLT course.
    1. Click the Module where you want to add the link.
    2. Click Upload/Create.
    3. Click Create a Link.
  2. In the New Link window, 
    1. Enter a name for the link.
    2. Paste the link from Zoom in the URL box.
    3. Check the box in front of "Open as External Resource".
    4. Click Create.
  3. The link will appear in the module. To join the meeting at the appropriate time, participants can click the link. The host should start the meeting via the Zoom portal or their desktop app meetings client.

Email the Join URL to Participants

You can send the Join URL via email in several ways.

Create a Meeting Invite or Email in Outlook

You can create a meeting invite or email in Outlook and paste the Join URL (or invitation text) in the message body.

Via Desktop App and Outlook

If you set up a meeting in the desktop app, select Outlook for your calendar and a meeting invite is automatically created in Outlook. You can send the invite to participants.

Via the Outlook Plug-in

If you use the Outlook plug-in, you can use it to schedule and send meeting invites to participants directly in Outlook.