Once your presentation is processed in MyMediasite, you will need to make it viewable so students can access it. This is a necessary step to ensure students can access the video in your course. You can see this on the My Presentations page in MyMediasite. If a locked icon is below your video thumbnail, the presentation won't be available for student playback. If an unlocked icon is below, the presentation is available for student playback.

Here is a video tutorial: 

To change the visibility status of a Mediasite presentation,

  1. Click the name of the presentation that isn't viewable with the locked icon.cursor on the name of the presentation with the locked icon on the My Presentations page
  2. Click Edit.cursor on the Edit option on the presetation details page
  3. Change the Visbility selector to Viewable and click Save.cursor on Viewable in the Visibility selector and then cursor on Save button
  4. The icon is now unlocked and presentation will be viewable.presentation with unlocked icon showing on My Presentations page