You need to Connect to courses you want to use clickers in.

In TurningPoint software: Preferred method for BOLT

  1. Open TurningPoint.
  2. Sign in with your Bloomsburg credentials.
  3. Click the Manage tab.
  4. Click on Course at the left.
  5. Select New.
  6. Leave "Download from your account" selected.
  7. Click Create Course.
  8. Click the Click Here button.
  9. In Turning Account, wait for Available courses to load, then find the course you want to add.
  10. Click Connect on the course tile.
  11. Close the browser window.
  12. Click the refresh button.
  13. The course will show up in your list of courses.


  1. Go to your Turning Account.
  2. Under Available Courses, click Connect on each course you want to sync to TurningPoint.
  3. Courses will then show up under Current Courses.