If you're teaching a class and have other instructors listed as the instructor in your course, please contact the IMDC to request for them to be removed from your course. There is not an unenroll feature for instructors from MyHusky, so we do this manually each semester. We remove the instructors we receive requests to remove in the order the requests come in.

If you're teaching a class and have TBA listed as an instructor in the course, we run a manual process each semester to remove TBA from courses. TBA is a placeholder user in BOLT and MyHusky to expedite the course creation process in BOLT. No one accesses the TBA account. The TBA account is not an actual account. Therefore, no one accesses your course with the TBA account, and you may receive emails that the user doesn't exist if you email from the Classlist. We remove TBA on a rolling basis the first few weeks of a semester. You do not have to report the TBA account in your course as we have a list of courses with this enrollment.

If you have any questions about persons in your Classlist, please contact us at the IMDC. You can reach us at imdc@bloomu.edu.