You can use the setup wizard to choose important settings in Grades. These settings will vary based on your grading system of choice and how you use the Grades tool.

Step by step: In Grades,

  1. In a new course, the Setup Wizard will automatically load the first time. If not, click on Setup Wizard.
  2. Click Start to begin.
  3. For Step 1, select your grading system. Then click Continue.
  4. For Step 2, select which type of final grade will be released to students. Also, select whether or not to automatically release the final grade. Once you select your options, click Continue.
  5. For Step 3, select how to treat ungraded items and whether or not to auto update the final grade. Then click Continue.
  6. For Step 4, select the Default Grade Scheme and click Continue.
  7. For Step 5, input how many decimal places to display and click Continue.
  8. For Step 6, select how grades will display to students. Then click Continue.
  9. For Step 7, review the selections you have made. Click Finish once you are satisfied with all settings.