Grades settings let you adjust how your gradebook displays and calculates.

Changing Grade Settings

  1. In your BOLT course Grades tool, click Settings.
  2. Click on a tab to access and change various settings.
  3. Once you make changes, click Save. Then click Close to exit out of Settings and return to Grades.

Personal Display Options

The Personal Display Options page lets you set what information you want to display in your grade book. These display options only pertain to what YOU will see in the grade book. Select the options that best suit your needs.

To access these settings, click on Personal Display Options.

Org Unit Display Options

This page lets you set what will display in your Enter Grades area and for students in the course.

TIP: If students complain they can’t see grades, this is one of the first places to check to make sure your settings allow them to see their Points grade or Grade scheme symbol!

To access these settings, click on Org Unit Display Options.

Calculation Options

This page allows you to change your Gradebook calculation settings such as what type of grading system you are using and whether or not to automatically release the final grade to students.

To access these settings, click on Calculation Options.