Export Grades

To export your gradebook,

  1. Click Enter Grades.
    Enter Grades

  2. Click Export.
    Click export button

  3. Select the Export Options
    1. Use “Export Grade Items For” if you want to export Groups/Sections separately
    2. Select Grade Values to export (Note that you can’t re-import Grade Scheme data!)
    3. Select the User Details to include in your export
      Select export options

  4. Select the checkbox beside the grade items to export.
    Select checkbox grades to export.

  5. Click Export to CSV or Export to Excel
    Export to CSV or Excel

    BOLTTIP: If you plan to import your grades back into BOLT, save as CSV file.

  6. A pop-up box will appear and show your file being processed. When finished, click on the link to download and save the file.
    Popup to download

BOLTTIP: Pay attention to where your file is saved so you can find it to open it later. If your file just seems to “disappear”, your browser is probably set to automatically download and save files—usually to a folder named Downloads.