Import Grades into BOLT

You can import grades into BOLT in a variety of ways including importing CSV files from Excel, using publisher integrations, and via the TurningPoint (clickers) integration.


Using Excel and CSV Files

If you want to use Excel to keep track of your grades, we recommend setting up Grades in BOLT with grade items and exporting Grades as a CSV file. You can keep track of the grades in the CSV file and then import it back into BOLT at a later date. In your CSV file, be sure to alphabetize names prior to entering grades, and don’t change any other formatting in the file.


Publisher integrations

We have several publisher integrations available in BOLT. Please see the Tools Integrated with BOLT module or search this course for your publisher’s name to see if we support an integration with their software that transfers grades into BOLT.


TurningPoint Integration

Our student response system, TurningPoint, integrates with BOLT. You can import grades from TurningPoint sessions using the integration. For information on this, please see the TurningPoint Cloud(Clickers) module in this course.