Import Grades from TurningPoint

If you want to import grades to BOLT from a TurningPoint generated CSV file, you can import them in Enter Grades.

To import grades from TurningPoint:

  1. In Grades, click Enter Grades.
  2. Click Import.
    Enter Grades, Import

  3. Click Browse to locate and open the csv file. The filename you select will appear to the right of the Browse button.
  4. Select the checkbox beside “Create new grade item when an unrecognized item is referenced”.
  5. Click Continue.
    Find CSV, select create grade item, click continue.

  6. On Step 2: Create New Grade Items, review the items your file has created.
  7. If the items are correct, click Continue.
    Confirm new grade items, click continue.

  8. On Step 3: New Grade Item Properties, enter basic properties for the grade items. (You can always add more properties later in Manage Grades!)
  9. When you are done, click Continue.Enter properties for new grade items, click continue.

  10. On Step 4: Errors and Warnings Found, review any errors. If you do have errors, it is usually because usernames or another piece of information is not correct. Users with errors won’t be imported to Grades.
  11. Click Continue.
    Review errors and warnings, click continue.

  12. On Step 5: Preview Import, review the student grades you are importing.
  13. If satisfied, click Import.
    Preview import grades, click continue.

  14. After processing, the Enter Grades page will load.