Transfer Scantron Report Scores to Grades

Please note we do not have an integration to transfer these scores automatically to BOLT at this time. Transferring Scantron results to BOLT is a manual process with several steps.

Step 1: Create the grade item(s) in Grades prior to exporting grades.

Step 2: Export grades.

  1. In Enter Grades, click Export.
    Click Export

  2. Select the Export Options.
    1. Use “Export Grade Items For” if you want to export sections separately
    2. Select Grade Values to export (Note that you can’t re-import Grade Scheme data!)
    3. Select the User Details to include in your export
  3. Select the checkbox beside the grade items to export.
    Select items to export.

  4. Click Export to CSV or Export to Excel
    Click export to CSV
  5. A pop-up box will appear and show your file being processed. When finished, click on the link to download and save the file.
    Click link to download file
    TIP: Pay attention to where your file is saved so you can find it to open it later. If your file just seems to “disappear”, your browser is probably set to automatically download and save files—usually to a folder named Downloads

Step 3: Transfer Scantron results to the grades export.

  1. Browse to the location where you saved the grades export from BOLT.
  2. Open the file in Excel. It will look something like the screenshot below.
    Screenshot of exported grades in Excel

  3. Alphabetize the names listed by Last name, then First name.
    1. Starting with Row 2, select all cells. Do not select Row 1!
      Select all rows starting in row 2

    2. Click Sort & Filter in the ribbon on the Home tab.
    3. Click Custom Sort.
      Click sort and filter, click custom sort

    4. In the pop-up, choose to Sort by Last Name
    5. Click Add Level
    6. In Then by, choose First Name
    7. Click OK.
      Sort by last name, click add level, sort by first name.

  4. Check to see your names are alphabetized by Last Name. When they are, copy and paste your scores from the Scantron results (make sure these are also sorted by Last Name, First Name. If you are not copying/pasting, just enter the grades into the correct column).
    Screenshot of scantron results

  5. Make sure you pasted the scores in the correct column. In our example, the scores above were pasted into the Exam I column.
    screenshot of pasted scantron results into exported grades in Excel

  6. Verify grades match with the correct student names.
  7. Click the File tab in Excel.
  8. Click Save As and select the location.
  9. In the Save As window,
    1. Be sure you’re saving in the right location- we recommend saving to your P drive!
    2. In the Save as type box, click the drop down arrow and select CSV (comma delimited) (*.csv)
    3. In the File name box, type an appropriate name for the file (for example, name it using the semester and course ID).
  10. Click Save.
    Save file as CSV

Step 4. Import the CSV.

  1. In Grades, click Enter Grades.
  2. Click Import.
    Enter Grades, Click Import

  3. Click Browse to locate and open the CSV file. The filename you select will appear to the right of the Browse button.
  4. DON’T select the checkbox under Item Creation since you already have a grade item.
  5. Click Continue.
    Browse to file, do not check item creation, click continue.

  6. On Step 2: Errors and Warnings Found, review any errors. If you do have errors, it is usually because usernames or another piece of information is not correct. Users with errors won’t be imported to Grades.
  7. Click Continue.
    Possible errors, click continue

  8. On Step 3: Preview Import, review the student grades you are importing.
  9. If satisfied, click Import.
    Import Preview screenshot, click import.

  10. After processing, the Enter Grades page will load and you should see your imported Scantron grades.