If you want to set the dates on one particular assignment, you can do that in the Assignments tool. You can manage dates for multiple items in your course at once using the Manage Dates tool.

Set Availability via Assignments

  1. In the Assignments tool, create or edit an assignment.
  2. Click the Restrictions tab.
  3. Select the checkbox beside the dates you want to add.
  4. Use the date and time selectors to select the date/time for each date.
  5. When done, save your work.

Set Availability via Manage Dates

  1. Click Course Admin.
  2. Click Manage Dates.
  3. Select "Specific Tools".
  4. Select the checkbox beside Assignments.
  5. Click Apply Filter.
  6. Click on the dashes or dates to change the dates for an assignment.
  7. Modify the dates in the popup.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 for each assignment you're modifying until finished.