Special access grants students access to items in BOLT outside of the Start/Due/End dates. For example, if a student needs additional time on a quiz, you can set up special access for that student to grant them additional time on the quiz. If a student needs additional time on an assignment, you can set a different due date for them.

  1. Create or edit the assignment to add special access to.
  2. Click Availability Dates & Conditions to expand the list of options.
  3. Click Manage Special Access.
    Manage Special Access option under the Availability Dates & Conditions panel
  4. Select the appropriate radio button for Special Access.
    • Allow users with special access to submit outside outside the normal availability dates
      All students have access to the item with some having different times
    • Allow only users with special access
      Only Students selected will have access to this item
  5. Click Add Users to Special Access.
    Allow users option screen
  6. Change the start/end dates/times accordingly for the students.
    Adjusting special access due, start, and end dates
  7. In the Users area, you can use the View by selector to view by users, groups or sections (useful if you want special access applied for an entire section in a combined course).
  8. Select the checkbox to the left of the students you want to have this alternate restriction.
    Note: Be sure all students are displayed by adjusting the number of users per page selector, otherwise you may not see the student you are attempting to provide special access.
  9. Click Save.
    Adjusting special access user selectionNOTE: You will see the students names listed with the adjusted dates/times. To edit the restrictions click the pencil icon. To remove a student’s special access, click the x icon.
    Manage special access screen displaying a student with applied special access rules
  10. Click Save and Close to save the Special Access.
  11. Click Save and Close to save the assignment.
    Save your work