There are several ways you can assess assignment submissions.

  • Use the Evaluate Submission page to evaluate submissions and leave feedback.
    • Associate a rubric to the assignment and use the rubric feature of the Evaluate Submission page to assess submissions.
  • Download submissions and leave feedback within the files, then upload them back into the appropriate assignment submission folders so they appear as attachments to each submission evaluation.
  • If Turnitin is enabled, use Turnitin Feedback Studio to add comments, insert inline text, and highlight sections of a submission.

Evaluate Submission Features

  • Control over release of student feedback
    • Publish feedback immediately per student as you assess submissions
    • Save feedback as draft until all students have feedback, then publish it to all students at once
    • Retract feedback if you want to provide an updated assessment and only want students to see the most recent feedback
  • Associated rubrics transfer to grades
    • Append overall feedback to the submission feedback field
    • Points rubrics scale and transfer rubric score to the submission score (this will transfer to grades if the folder is associated to a grade item and feedback is published)

Download Submissions and Provide Feedback FilesĀ 

  • Download submission files as a zip folder and mark up submissions directly
  • Save the files and the zip file with the same name
  • Reupload as a zip using Add Feedback Files, then click Add

Turnitin Feedback Studio

  • If you enabled Originality Checking (plagiarism detection), you can use Feedback Studio to markup student submissions and provide feedback
  • Add comments, insert text, and highlight portions of submissions
  • Provide text or audio feedback for submissions