You can associate rubrics to assignments in BOLT and grade students directly in the Assignments tool. Rubric feedback, score, and assignment grade will be visible in Class Progress, Grades, and Assignments.

Evaluate Students with Rubrics in Assignments

To evaluate students with rubrics, you must first add a rubric to an assignment, and then evaluate the student with the rubric.

Add a Rubric to an Assignment Submission Folder

  1. In Assignments, create or edit an assignment.
  2. Click Evaluation & Feedback to expand the list of options.
  3. Click Add rubric and choose Create New or Add Existing if you already created a rubric in your course.
    Add rubrics option under the Evaluation & Feedback panel
  4. On the Add Existing screen, select the checkbox beside the rubric you want to add and click Add Selected.
    Add existing rubric window displaying available rubrics and preview modeNote: You can preview the rubric by clicking on the Preview button.
  5. The rubric is added.
    Evaluation & Feedback panel displaying an associated rubric
  6. If you add multiple rubrics to an assignment you will have a new option to specify the Default Scoring Rubric. Select the rubric as your Default Scoring Rubric if you want the rubric to score the folder as you grade with it.
    Evaluation & Feedback panel displaying two associated rubrics and the option to choose a default scoring rubric
  7. Click Save and Close or Save to save your changes.
    Save your work

Evaluate Student with Rubric

To display feedback to students in the Assignments tool, Gradebook, and Class Progress tool, use the Evaluate feature of the assignment the rubric is associated with.

  1. In Assignments, click the name of the assignment.
  2. Find the student you want to evaluate and click Evaluate.
    Assignment submission screen
  3. The Evaluate Submission screen will load.
  4. Click on the rubric name to expand the inline rubric component to view side-by-side with the student submission.  You can score the rubric while evaluating the submission from one window.
    Inline rubric component for evaluating a submission
  5. The rubric can also be opened in a new window by clicking on the Open Popout Rubric button.
    Rubric evaluation screen with option to popout the rubricGrade the rubric as desired in the separate rubric window, then press Close to return to the assignment evaluation page.Rubric evaluation screen opened in a new window
  6. The rubric information will transfer to the assignment.
  7. Add any feedback to the assignment.
  8. Click Publish to make the grade and feedback available to the student, or Save Draft to move on and evaluate the next student (you can publish all the feedback and grades at once later).
    Assignment evaluation panel with rubrics, overall grade, and overall feedback areas