You can create a rubric in the Rubrics tool in BOLT. It can then be associated with items in BOLT to score or evaluate them.

  1. In Assessments > Rubrics, click New Rubric.
  2. Notice the Unsaved/Saved indicator; the autosave feature is enabled for Rubrics.
  3. Click the Status selector to change the status of the Rubric.
    • Published can be associated to items.
    • Archived removes the rubric from use.
    • Draft means the rubric is not ready and can't be associated to items yet.
  4. Give the rubric a name.
  5. Use the selectors to edit the type, scoring method, or reverse level order for the rubric.
  6. Edit Level labels and point values in the fields provided. Add levels with the + buttons and remove them with the trashcan icons.
  7. Edit, move, or remove Criterion and feedback.
  8. Fill in the rubric criteria for each level, and indicate any feedback you want to automatically include when you select while grading.
  9. If you need to add more criterion, click "+ Add Criterion".
  10. Notice the point total of the rubric.
  11. If you need to add a new Criterion Group, click Add Criteria Group.
  12. In the Overall Score area, set the point value of each level of achievement in the provided fields.
  13. Click Options to display more options.
  14. Select the appropriate rubric visibility.
  15. Optionally add a description.
  16. Select whether to allow associations in Competencies and ePortfolio.
  17. Click Close. (Rubrics have autosave enabled.)