You can access the Content tool from the course homepage by clicking on Content in the navigation bar.

cursor over the Content option in the course navbar of a course in BOLT

If you are on a device with a smaller display, like a mobile phone or tablet, you may not see the navigation bar. Instead, you will see a menu icon. Click on the menu icon to expand the navigation bar:

cursor over the menu icon to open the navigation menu on devices with smaller displays

Then click Content in the expanded menu.

cursor on the Content option in the expanded mobile devices navigation menu

You can also access Content from the Course Admin tool.

To access Content via the Course Admin panel,

  1. In your course, click Course Admin. (Note: You can also click Course Admin from the expanded menu as above for Content!)
    cursor over the Course Admin option in the course navbar
  2. Click Content.
    cursor over the Content option on the Course Admin page