To add a content topic to a module or submodule,
cursor over the module name in left nav panel, and both the upload/create button and the drag and drop box highlighted

  1. Select the module or submodule.
  2. Click Upload/Create button or use the Drag and Drop feature.

To use the Upload/Create button,

  1. In Content, click Upload/Create.
  2. Select an option to add a topic.
    1. Upload Files (from your computer)
    2. Video or Audio 
    3. Create a File (create a web page/HTML file)
    4. Create a Link
    5. Add from Manage Files 
    6. New Assignment
    7. New Checklist
    8. New Discussion
    9. New Quiz
    10. New Survey

cursor over the Upload/Create button to indicate clicking, with the options menu listed below it

To use the drag and drop feature,

  1. Click on the file and drag it towards the content viewing area.
  2. When the Move Tooltip appears onscreen, release the mouse button.
    cursor shown over file to select it and arrow showing dragging it to the drag and drop files here to create and update topics box
  3. The file will automatically appear in your viewing area.
    new file shown in the viewing area