How to:
Edit a module or topic

Reorder or move content

Delete content

Edit a module or topic

To edit a module or topic in your course content, 

  1. Click Table of Contents.
  2. Click Bulk Edit.
    cursor over Table of Contents and then Bulk Edit to indicate clicks
  3. Click on information under module or topic to edit. (NOTE: You can edit the topic name by clicking on it. To edit the module name, you need to be on the Module page instead of the Table of Contents view.)
    arrows pointing at the add dates and restrictions, add  description, and published status fields which can be clicked to be edited in Bulk Edit
  4. Click Update button after making any changes to dates or restrictions.
    cursor over Update to indicate click
  5. When done, click Done Editing at the top of the page to exit Bulk Edit.
    cursor over Done Editing to indicate click

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Reordering or moving content

To reorder or move content, 

  1. Click the drop down arrow (context menu) to the right of the module/topic name and choose the appropriate option OR
  2. Drag and drop modules or topics
    1. Hover mouse to left of the module or topic name.
    2. When cursor appears, click and drag to new location.

cursor showing the Move options in the item's context menu and also in use while dragging items on the content viewing area

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Deleting content

To delete modules or topics,

  1. Click the drop down arrow to the right of the module/topic name
  2. Click "Delete Module" or "Delete Topic"
    click the drop down beside the item name and then click delete (item)click the drop down by the item name and then click delete (item)
  3. Select deletion options on the dialog
  4. Click Delete
    the Delete Topic dialog with remove from content and permanent delete options visible

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