We recommend creating activities BEFORE adding links to them in Content. For example, if you want to link to a Quiz in Content, create the Quiz in the Quizzes tool first, then add the link in Content.

To link to an activity,

  1. In the module you want to add the activity to, click Existing Activities.
  2. Select the type of activity you want to add.
    cursor over Existing Activities to indicate click and showing the options available below it
  3. A list of the activities created in that tool in the course appears. Select the one you want to add.
    cursor over a selected item to indicate clicking it to add it to content
  4. The link to the item will now appear in the Content viewing area. You will need to make sure the status is set to Published for students to be able to see and access the link.
    the item shown in the Content viewing area with the cursor over the Draft status to indicate where to click to select published so students can access the item