You can add date restrictions to your content items so that they are available after or during a specific date and time. You can add date restrictions to entire modules, or to certain content topics.

There are three dates you can set in date restrictions:

  • Start date: makes the module or topic inaccessible to students until that date
  • Due date: makes the module or topic due on that date; if students do not view the module or topics by the date, it will appear in the Overdue tab of their Course Schedule
  • End date: makes the module or topic inaccessible to students after that date

For example, you may want to make the content for the second week of your course inaccessible until the Sunday prior to the second week. In that case, you would set the start date for the Sunday of that week. Students would not be able to access the content module or its topics until that Sunday.

To add date restrictions to content items,

  1. In course Content, click Table of Contents or a module name.
  2. Click Bulk Edit.
    cursor over Table of Contents at left, and over Bulk Edit at right
  3. Click Add dates and restrictions.
    cursor over the Add dates and restrictions button
  4. Click which date you want to modify.
    date options including add start date, add due date, and add end date
  5. Select the date and time.
  6. Click Update.
    cursor shown selecting the time and clicking update
  7. To add date restrictions for other items listed, repeat steps 4-9 for each.
  8. When done, click Done Editing at the top of the page of items.
    cursor on Done Editing to indicate click