1. In a content module, click Upload/Create.
  2. Select Upload Files.
    click Upload Create then Upload Files
  3. From the Add a File window, select the source. Here it is My Computer.
    click on the source of the files
  4. Either drag and drop files to the box or click Upload and select the file.
  5. Click the Add button when finished adding files.
    drag and drop or click Upload to select files, then click Add
  6. The name of the file will appear in the viewing area as a Content Topic.
    the file name will appear in Content as a topic you can click on to access the file

Sometimes you may have difficulty uploading a file to BOLT. Common issues include non-standard characters in the filename, such as (#, %, &, ?, etc.) or too large of a file on an unstable connection. More troubleshooting tips can be found at Why won't BOLT let me upload my file?