You may want to add participants to your Classlist so they can assist you or students in some way. There may be tools you want them to access, but others you do not.

When you are adding participants to Classlist, you will need to choose the Role you want them to have in your course.

Please use the table below to assist you with choosing the appropriate role.

Roles Available in the Classlist in BOLT
Modify any course content and activities including grades
Content BuilderModify course content and activities. No access to grades.
BookstoreModify course homepage and add external learning tool links. No access to grades. This role is intended for adding the bookstore so they can assist with setting up Inclusive Access textbook integrations.
Full access to course tools.
StaffSame access as instructor role. This is intended for leaders of clubs or organizations with courses in BOLT.
Student AuditNot officially registered for the course so won't appear in Grades.
Student SupportIntended for interpreters, note takers, etc. Has access to course content but won't appear in Grades.
ObserverCan interact with other participants similar to a student, but can see submissions and feedback from instructors on student submissions. Can not modify feedback or grades. Role is intended for faculty observing activity in a course, but not assessing students.