You may want to add participants to your Classlist so they can assist you or students in some way. There may be tools you want them to access, but others you do not.

When you are adding participants to Classlist, you will need to choose the Role you want them to have in your course.

Please use the table below to assist you with choosing the appropriate role.

 Roles Available in Brightspace
DesignerSimilar to instructor role but doesn't show up in lists. Intended for course designers.
BookstoreFor the University Bookstore to view Course IDs, help faculty place publisher links as requested, and troubleshoot ebooks as necessary. No access to Grades.
InstructorFull access to course tools available.
AssistantModify any course content and activities including grades. Intended for Teaching Assistants.
StaffSame as Instructor role. Intended as leader of non academic collabspaces.
FacilitatorDeliver, moderate, and evaluate a course. Can discuss, modify calendar, modify announcements. Can't change course setup or content. 
ParticipantSame as Learner role. Intended as member of non academic collabspaces.
Learner SupportCan see all course content, including unreleased content. Not visible to instructor in Grades. Intended for learning support such as tutors, note takers, interpreters, etc.
Learner - Course ExtensionSame as Learner, but can access old courses. Intended for incompletes.
TEST LearnerSame as Learner - Course Extension but can access future and past courses. Intended for instructor use to demo as a learner.
Instructor ObserverSimilar to Instructor without access to evaluation data. Intended for faculty or staff use when observing colleague's course.