If you want to release a topic based on a condition, you can do so in the Restrictions tab while creating or editing a topic. 

To add release conditions to a topic:

  1. Click on the Restrictions tab.
  2. Add the Release Condition: 
    1. If you already created the condition(s) you want to attach, click Attach Existing. 
    2. If you need to create your condition(s), click Create and Attach.
      cursor indicating click on Restrictions tab and Relase Condition options
  3. Once you attach the condition(s), they will display on the page. Select what students must satisfy in order to access the topic. 
    1. All conditions must be met – students need to satisfy all the conditions 
    2. Any condition must be met – students need only satisfy one of the conditions
      The users must satisfy selector
  4. Click Save and Close, Save and New, or Save. 
    1. Save and Close: saves the topic and returns you to Discussions 
    2. Save and New: saves the topic and lets you create another topic
    3. Save: saves the topic but stays on the page 

the save options Save and Close, Save and New, Save, or Cancel 

To add group and section restrictions, you can also add these on the Restrictions tab. 

To modify the topic details, you must click on the Properties tab and modify details there. 

To add assessment to the topic, you must click on the Assessment tab and modify settings there. 

To add objectives to the topic, you must click on the Objectives tab and modify settings there.