If you want to post a message and pin it to the top of the topic above all the threads, you can do this very easily as the instructor.

  1. In Discussions, click the topic name you want to post to.
    the Discussions List showing a cursor over one of the topics
  2. Click Start a New Thread.
    start a new thread button 
  3. If this is a group/section restricted topic, select which group(s) should see the thread.
    the post thread to selector that displays if this is for a group restricted topic
  4. Compose your message.
    thread title and content entered in fields
  5. Select to "pin thread" (to the top of the Discussion topic) or subscribe to it. If you are allowing anonymous posting to the topic, you will have the option to post anonymously.
    checkbox in the pin thread selectboxTIP: Pinning the thread is what allows the message to stay at the top of the topic above all the other threads. 
  6. Click Add attachments if you want to add a file or record video or audio. 
  7. Select whether or not to post to other topics. If you want to post the same thread in multiple topics, you can Show the topic list and click Add Topics, and add the topics here.
    the add attachments menu and locations to post options
  8. Click Post.
    post options Post, Save as Draft, or Cancel