Create a Category

To organize and manage related groups, use categories. For example, you can have a category for Discussion groups, group assignments, or even lab or clinical groups.

Before groups are added, a category must be created. When you are setting up the category, you will also have the ability to create your groups and also restricted work areas for the groups.

  1. In Groups, click New Category.
    Click New Category
  2. Enter a Category Name and Description (optional).
    Set Category Name

  3. Select an Enrollment Type. (See the Enrollment Types topic for more information.)
    Set enrollment type.

  4.  Depending on the Enrollment Type, enter the Number of Groups to create, the Number of Users per group, or both.
  5. To apply a distinctive prefix to each group name, enter it in the Group Prefix field.
    Add options and prefix.

  6. Choose Advanced Properties
    • To automatically enroll users to groups, select Auto-enroll new users.
    • To randomly place users in groups, select Randomize users in groups.
    • If you selected self-enrollment, you can set a deadline and auto enroll.
      Advanced Properties

  7. In the Create Workspace area, select which workspaces you want to create.Workspace options.

  8. Click Save.
    Click Save.

Next, set up workspaces. Once you have set up workspaces, you will return to the category to save the category. Please see “Create Group Discussions” and “Create Group Assignments”.