You can create announcements from the Announcements widget menu or in the tool.

  1. To create an announcement, 
    1. From the widget, click the drop down arrow then New Announcements Item
      cursor over drop down and New Announcement to indicate sequential clicks
    2. From the tool, click New Announcement
      cursor over New Announcement button
  2. Enter a headline and content for your announcement.
    fields for the headline and body of the announcement
  3. Modify the Availability options as desired. 
    1. Start Date: If you don’t specify, announcements are released immediately. (Post-dated announcements won’t display in the widget, but will be in the tool.) 
    2. End Date: You can choose to specify an end date. (Instructors will still see the item in the Announcements tool, but it won’t display to students.)

      availability options start and end dates
  4. Add any attachments you want to be included in your announcement. 
  5. Add any release conditions. If you already have release conditions set up, click Attach Existing. If not, click Create and Attach. 
  6. To continue editing the Announcement, click Save as Draft. (Students won’t see draft announcements.) To release the Announcement, click Publish. (If you specified a start date, the announcement won't be visible until that date.)
    the attachments, release conditions, and publish options