Some instructors used the wiki tool to create sign-up sheets for meetings and other events in their BOLT courses. We understand the need for this functionality and determined a replacement process for use in BOLT. 

In Office365, multiple contributors can modify shared files. This functionality should allow students to modify a document where you can keep track of sign-ups.

Share an Editable Document from OneDrive

  1. In your course, in a Content module, click Existing Activities.
  2. Select OneDrive.
    in Content click Existing Activities then OneDrive
  3. If prompted click Continue to OneDrive. If OneDrive loads, skip to step 7.
    click Continue to OneDrive or skip to step 7 if you're already seeing your OneDrive files listed
  4. Enter your full BU email and click Next.
    enter your full BU email address and click Next
  5. Enter your BU credentials and click Sign On.
    enter your BU credentials and click Sign on
  6. Accept the permissions requested.
    click Accept to give D2L permissions to access OneDrive
  7. Files you have available in OneDrive load. Click on the one you want to share.
  8. Click Select.
    select the file you want to share with students and click Select
  9. The link to the document you shared is added to Content.
    the file is now added to Content for students to access via OneDrive

In OneDrive, make sure your document is editable! 

Go to and sign in. Click on OneDrive. 

office365 portal with a click on OneDrive indicated

Open the document you added to BOLT and click Share in the upper right corner. Then change the Share option to "Anyone with the link can edit" and close out of the Share window.

click Share, then select anyone with the link can edit, then close the share box