You need to go to the LockDown Browser Dashboard to require the use of LockDown Browser on a quiz and modify any LockDown Browser settings. 

Since LockDown Browser is used with the Quizzes tool in BOLT you can find it in Quizzes. To access the dashboard,

  1. In the course click Assessments.
  2. Select Quizzes.
    in the navbar click Assessments then click Quizzes
  3. On the Manage Quizzes page, click LockDown Browser.
    in the Quizzes tool nav, click LockDown Browser
  4. Click Continue to LockDown Browser.
    click Continue to LockDown Browser on the splash page
  5. The dashboard loads and all available quizzes in the course will show up.
  6. To modify requirement of RLDB, click the arrow beside the quiz and then Settings where you can modify requirements.
    to edit RLDB requirements, click the drop down by the quiz name and select Settings