Create a Quiz

Tip: We recommend you create quizzes after your questions are in the Question Library.

To create a quiz,

  1. In Quizzes, click New Quiz.
    Click New Quiz button, under quizzes.
  2. On the Properties tab, fill out the General details.
    General Details Section: Name and Category.
  3. In the Quiz Questions area, click Add/Edit Questions.
    Add/Edit Questions button.
    • Add any sections or random sections in this area using the Add button.
    • Import questions from the Question Library using the Import button.
    • When you have added everything, click Back to Settings for the quiz at the top of the page.
      Add and Import options in Quiz. Back to settings.
  4. Specify the number of questions per page.
  5. Select if you want to “prevent moving backwards through pages”.
  6. Select if you want to “shuffle order of questions at the quiz level”.
    Questions per page option, Paging option, Shuffle order of questions option.
  7. In the Optional Advanced Properties area,
    • Select if you want to allow hints.
    • Select if you want to disable right click.
    • Select if you want to disable instant messages and alerts.
    • Enter an email if you want a notification email for quiz attempts.
  8. Click Save or Save and Close.
    Click Save and Close

Once you’ve created the basic quiz, you can add restrictions, assessment, customize the submission view, and add reports.