Assignments Main Overview

The standard BOLT Assignments instructor overview has changed to include four columns based on the number of submissions received and the number of potential submissions.

Assignments Tool with New, Completed, Evaluated, Feedback Published columns highlighted.

The columns that instructors will see are as shown above: New, Completed, Evaluated, and Feedback Published. When an assignment is first submitted by a student, the New and Completed columns increase by 1.

"New" Column
Assignments tools with New column highlighted.

The "New" column, shown above, shows the number of new submissions from students for a particular assignments.

NOTE:In BOLT, an assignment is considered "New" when it does not have feedback attached. This is different than Unread / Read status. A submission could be viewed by an instructor, but still be considered New if Feedback was not added.

Assignments are no longer considered new when instructors have added Feedback. The Feedback can be either Draft or Published status, but once any Feedback is attached to the assignment, it is no longer considered "New". 

If a student resubmits a previously submitted assignment, even where Feedback was given, the New column will reflect the new submission. If a student submits, and then resubmits an assignment where feedback was never given, this will still increase the number of "New" submission, potentially beyond the number of enrolled students in the course. Hovering over the number of New submissions, will display a tool-tip breaking down submissions and re-submissions.

"Completed" Column

Assignments tool with Completed column highlighted

The "Completed" column displays the number of users who have submitted out of the total number of users that can submit. This may be more than the total number of students and can include instructors. For example, a class with 10 students and 1 instructor may end up with 10/11 in the completed column once all students have submitted. This is expected. 

The completed column is increased when students make an initial submission for an assignment. The column does not increase again if students resubmit an assignment.

"Evaluated" and "Feedback Published" Columns

Assignments tool with Evaluated and Feedback Published columns highlighted
The Evaluated column displays the number of evaluated assignments out of the total number of potential submissions. This is similar to the Completed column (described above) and may be more than the total number of students in the class. An assignment is considered "Evaluated" in BOLT when it has feedback attached by the instructor, either in Draft or Published status. Some instructors may want to add draft feedback as assignments are submitted, but publish feedback for the class all at once. 

The "Feedback Published" column shows the number of submissions where feedback as been published by the instructor. Just as with the "Completed" and "Evaluated" columns, this may be out of a larger number than students enrolled in the course.

Fully Reviewed and Evaluated Assignments:

Assignment tool with a full assignment row highlighted

For an assignment that has been completed by all students, and the instructor has added and published feedback, the columns will appear as shown above with the "New" column empty, and the "Completed", "Evaluated" and "Feedback Published" columns reflecting the same numbers.