How Exemptions Affect Calculations

Grade exemptions affect any calculation that depends on the values of the constituent grade items.


Category scores including exemptions

  • Exempted grade items are excluded from the calculation of category scores. The grade item is treated as though it does not exist within the category.
  • In a category with drop rules, exempted items are removed before the specified number of grade items are dropped. Then, the category is calculated with the remaining items.
  • If all the items in a category are exempted, there are not grade item scores to use in calculating a category score. In this case, the category does not have a score.
  • In a weighted grade book, the exemption of a category item results in the remaining item weights not reaching 100%. Brightspace Learning Environment automatically scales the weights of the remaining items proportionally to each other.

Calculated grade items including exemptions

  • Exempted items are excluded from the calculated score.
  • If all items in a calculated grade item are exempted, the item does not have a calculated score.

Formula grade items including exemptions

  • Formulas treat exemptions as empty (null) grades; however, the Treat ungraded as 0 setting is ignored. If a learner is exempted from a grade, then the exemption and its cascading results are treated as null.
  • If a formula grade item used in another formula and the former is empty (null), then it is treated as though it were exempted during the formula calculation.

Final grades that include exemptions

  • Exempted items are excluded from the calculation. These grade items are treated as empty grades, not as 0 if Treat Ungraded Items as 0 is turned on.
  • If all items are exempted, there are no grades to use to calculate a final grade. The final grade will not have a score.