Awards Overview


The Awards tool enables instructors to provide merit-based awards to students. There are two types of awards: Badges and Certificates.

Award badges or certificates based on criteria you set.

Badges provide visual representation of accomplishments throughout a course. They do not contribute to Grades, but can be awarded for achievements and progression through a course.

Certificates are similar, but they also include a PDF students can print. Certificates are typically awarded as an official statement of certification at the end of a course, but can be awarded during the course for criteria you set as well. They also do not contribute to Grades.

Badges and certificates can be awarded automatically to students based on release condition criteria. Instructors can also issue these awards manually.


Example uses

Advancement: Students can earn badges as they complete modules in a course. 


Academic Achievement: Students can earn badges reflecting the academic merit of the work they submit or the assessments they master. 


Engagement: Students can earn badges for participation in class activities and discussion, and for attendance.


Gamification: Students can earn badges based on advancement and achievement through the course (with “levels” awarded based on different tiers of achievement).


Mastery: Students can earn certificates for mastering a skill or learning objective.


Completion: Students can earn certificates to indicate they have completed a course, exam, or other program assessment successfully.