Create a Certificate


To create a certificate,

  1. In Awards, click Course Awards.
    Click Course Awards

  2. Click Add Award to Course.
    Click Add Award to Course

  3. Click Create.
    Click Create

  4. Enter a name and description for the certificate.Enter Name

  5. Select the award type.Select Certificate

  6. Select availability settings for whom you want the certificate to be available.
    • Select “Make this award available to all of my courses” to use it in other courses.
    • Select “Make this award available to other award creators and their courses” so other instructors can grant the certificate in their courses.
      • Select “Restrict award to the course and its child org units” if you only want this particular course to use the certificate.
        Select Availability Settings

  7. Select expiry options.
    Select Expiry options
    • Select “Never” if the certificate will never expire (such as for passing a course, for perfect attendance, for assignment mastery, etc.)
    • Select “Fixed date” if the certificate will expire on a specific date (such as for certifications that must be renewed, like First Aid or CPR)
    • Select “Relative Day of the Month” if the certificate will expire relative to a day it was granted (such as for Student of the Week)
    • Select whether or not to notify the student before an certificate expires and indicate the number of days of lead time

  8. Choose an image for the certificate.
    Choose image

  9. For a certificate, you will need to provide a PDF template.
    Select PDF template
    • Select “From Existing Library” if there is already a PDF template in the library for the certificate. (We selected a sample template for this example.)
    • Select “Upload New Template” if you want to add a new PDF template to the library.

  10. Select the “Use this award in the course now” option.
    Use this award checkbox

  11. Click Save or Save and Close.Click Save and Close

  12. If you get an Edit Award Alert, click OK.
    Edit Award Alert