Add an Existing Award to a Course

When certificates and badges are available to a course, they are visible on the Add an Award page. You can click the Badges, Certificates or All buttons to filter the list of available awards. If you are searching for a specific award, use the Search awards function.

To add an existing award to your course,

  1. In Awards, click Course Awards.
    Click Course Awards

  2. Click Add Award to Course.
    Click Add Award to Couse

  3. If you want to filter the list to show only your awards, click “Show Only Awards I Created”.
    Checkbox Show only awards I created.

  4. Select the awards you want to add from the list of awards.
  5. Click Add.
    Select Awards, Click Add

TIP: You can also click the grey Add button under an award’s description to add a single award to the course. Either way will add the awards to your course.


Add Button