The HIPAA instance is to be utilized by University personnel tasked with remote communication involving sensitive health information such as those who work in health care and human resources program areas.

University personnel Zoom accounts are allotted to one Zoom instance, either the Regular Instance or the HIPAA Instance.

If you are migrating from a Regular Instance to HIPAA Instance, you must download any cloud recordings you have associated with your account PRIOR to your account being associated with a HIPAA Instance. If you not download and save offline (i.e. save locally on your computer), you risk losing your cloud recordings.

Request Access to Bloomu Zoom HIPAA Instance

To gain access to the HIPAA instance you first need to be added to a group.  Please send your request to

Once you receive a confirmation email from that you were added to the group you can then proceed to access the HIPAA instance following the directions below.

Access BloomU Zoom HIPAA Via the Web

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In.
    Bloomsburg University Zoom HIPAA Sign in page
  3. Enter your Bloomsburg credentials and click Sign On.Bloomsburg University single sign-on page
    • If your BU credentials are not currently associated with the regular Zoom instance your HIPAA account will be created and take you to your Profile page in the Zoom HIPAA portal. 
    • If your BU credentials are currently associated with the regular Zoom instance please continue to Step 4.

  4. You are notified of attempting to sign in to a Zoom account that is different from your current one.  Click option Switch to the New Account.Signing in to a different Zoom account message with option to Switch to the New Account.
  5. Click option I Acknowledge and Switch.Acknowledgement screen when switching to the new Zoom account.
  6. Zoom will send an email to your BU email address.Zoom page indicating an email was sent to the address signed in with, an exmaple un-opened email is displayed.
  7. Open the email from Zoom and click Switch to the new account or copy the provided link and paste into your web browser.Zoom switch account email with option to switch to the new account highlighted.
  8. When prompted to acknowledge the switch to the new Zoom account click I acknowledge and Switch.Acknowledgement screen when switching to the new Zoom account.
  9. On the account switch confirmation screen click Sign in Now.Successful Zoom account switch page with option to sign-in now.