If you need to set up a meeting with external participants in Zoom, you need to follow the following directions when creating or editing a meeting:

How can I allow guest speakers or external participants into my meetings?

If you already have a meeting that has the Bloomsburg University authentication setting, but you have a guest speaker attending it, edit your meeting.


Scroll down and change the selector shown to the Sign in to Zoom option rather than Bloomsburg University. Then click Save.


This allows the guest speaker to sign in with any Zoom account. If they do not have one, they can create one on the screen they get to requiring authentication:

Note if an external participant already has a Zoom account, they should use the option on this screen above that they regularly use and make sure their information matches up. For example, if they sign in with Google, they need to do this. If they usually sign in at the regular Zoom sign in page, they need to use the left side of the screen to sign in.

When editing a recurring meeting occurrence be sure you click "All" otherwise you will not be able to change the authenticated user field.

Edit Meeting window with arrow pointing to option 'All'

Please note that if you are using a recurring meeting, this changes the setting for all the meetings using this link. So we highly recommend editing this setting only for when you have guest speakers or participants, and re-adding the Bloomsburg University selection after the meeting in that case.

If you are requiring BU authentication and students or staff can't sign in with SSO, this generally means they don't have a BU Zoom account. They need to go to https://bloomu.zoom.us and sign in with their BU credentials to create a BU Zoom account. If they already used their BU credentials to create a generic Zoom account, they will need to follow the directions in the email they receive to move their account over to ours. Here is information about that: I can't use my Zoom account to access Bloomsburg University class meetings. Why not? What can I do?