When recording a Zoom meeting to the cloud there may be a time you inadvertently forget to stop the recording and then have a follow-up conversation with a participant from the session.  That discussion is now part of the Zoom cloud recording and you may want to edit it out prior to sharing the recording with the entire class depending on the nature of the discussion/situation.

In the Zoom Portal (https://bloomu.zoom.us) you can specify a playback range for a cloud recording.  You can only trim from the beginning or from the end of the recording, you cannot cut out anything in the middle of the video.  Information on this process is located here:  https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115003001383-Cloud-Recording-Playback. However, there are important limitations with this feature.


Important Limitations

If you allow downloading of the cloud recording then the full length video and transcript can still be downloaded, not the version with the specific playback time you specified.  This can be prevented by disabling the download option under your share settings for each individual video from the Zoom Portal.

  1. From the BU Zoom Portal click the Records tab.
  2. Click Cloud Recordings and then click on the name of the recording.
  3. Click Share.
  4. Click the toggle switch off for option Viewers can download.
  5. Click Done.

Share settings for a Zoom cloud recording with the option viewers can download disabled.


The playback range will also not apply to users viewing cloud recordings on Internet Explorer, Safari, or on mobile devices, if they view the recording using low bandwidth mode. This is not something that can be controlled from your Zoom account like preventing downloads.


The recommendation is to move any Zoom cloud recording that you need to trim/edit into Mediasite and use the Mediasite Editor to truly trim out the portion you do not want and then share the resulting Medaisite link with students.

Move Zoom Recording to Mediasite

Instructions for moving a zoom recording to Mediasite: http://orgs.bloomu.edu/arts/tutorials/Mediasite-Copy-From-Zoom.pdf


Edit Videos in Mediasite

This lesson will walk you through steps on editing your video: https://learn.mediasite.com/course/editing-your-video-presentation/lessons/navigating-the-web-editor/

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