If you need to set up a meeting with participants from other PASSHE schools in Zoom, you need to follow the following directions when creating or editing a meeting:

How can I allow PASSHE participants into my meetings?

If you already have a meeting that has the Commonwealth University authentication setting, but you have a participant from another PASSHE institution attending it, edit your meeting and change the authentication drop down. If you need to set up a new meeting, schedule a new meeting and change the authentication drop down.


Scroll down on the edit meeting page and change the selector shown to the Allow PASSHE Participants option. Then click Save.


This allows the participants to sign in with their PASSHE accounts. They should use the Sign in with SSO option.

 In the domain box they will need to enter their own Zoom domain and click Continue, then their SSO credentials for that domain. Kutztown users for example will need to enter "kutztown" in the domain box.


Please note that if you are using a recurring meeting, this changes the setting for all the meetings using this link. 

When editing a recurring meeting occurrence be sure you click "All" otherwise you will not be able to change the authenticated user field.

Edit Meeting window with arrow pointing to option 'All'