The Accommodation feature enables instructors to grant students accommodations through the Classlist tool for all Quiz items in a course.  Previously, instructors had to use Special Access settings within each quiz to provide timing accommodations.

View the following video or continue reading the article that follows for steps on how to add accommodations at the course level.


Add Accommodations

  1. In your course, click Communication.
  2. Click Classlist.
    Course homepage with the Communication navbar item opened and Classlist is selected from the expanded list.
  3. Find the student you would like to add an accommodation for, click the action arrow next to their name.
  4. Click Edit Accommodations.Classlist tool open with action arrow menu open and Edit Accommodations is selected.
  5. The Edit Accommodations window provides two options for accommodation on quizzes.
    1. Timing- Modify the time limit for a quiz (click the checkbox for the appropriate option and add the necessary value)
      • Multiplier of original quiz time
        Example: Your quiz has an enforced time limit of 60 minutes. With a multiplier of 1.5x the student would be granted 90 minutes to complete the quiz.

      • Extra time
        Example: Your quiz has an enforced time limit of 60 minutes. With an extra time of 20 minutes the student would be granted an additional 20 minutes for a total of 80 minutes to complete the quiz.

    2. Controls - Always allow right click
      The right-click restriction in quizzes is the ability for learners to right-click in the quiz while taking the quiz. This is helpful if assistive technology requires the use of right-click.
      Edit Accommodations window for student displaying Timing and Control options.
  6. Click Save to save the accommodation settings.
  7. Repeat as needed for additional students.

Students with accommodations set at the course level will have the settings applied for all quizzes in the course.

Special Access

IMPORTANT! Quiz-specific special access can overwrite an accommodation for any user on a quiz-by-quiz basis.

  1. Enabled accommodation settings will display next to the student as a reminder of what effect they have on the timing of the exam.
    Specific student accommodations are displayed next to the studnet name on the Speical Access screen.In the example above the quiz has a time limit of 60 minutes and two students have accommodations enabled via the Accommodations tool.  Timothy has 45 extra minutes for all quizzes, there fore he receives 105 minutes to complete this quiz.  Tony has one and-a-half times the allotted quiz time and therefore he receives 90 minutes to complete the quiz.

  2. If you select a student with accommodations and attempt to change the timing of the quiz through special access, a warning describing the impact of overwriting an accommodation appears.
    Warning indicating a user has an existing quiz time limit accommodation set and applying special access will take precedence over the accommodation.
    Note: Special Access settings will override any accommodation set at the course level (via classlist) for a student.