When you log in to LinkedIn Learning for the first time, you will have an opportunity to link your Learning account to your LinkedIn account (if you have one).  

For those without a LinkedIn profile account, you may create a profile at this point.

Is this choice reversible?


You may choose not to link them. You will still have the opportunity to do so later.
You may choose to link them. You will still have the ability to un-link later.

If you DON'T link your accounts:

  • you will be prompted to fill in basic info for a LinkedIn Learning profile.
  • you can choose a series of interests to help promote videos you'll be interested in.
  • will NOT be able to keep certificates you earn if you leave BU.

If you DO link your accounts:

  • you will be able to add any course certificates you earn to your LinkedIn Learning profile and take them with you if you leave BU.
  • your LinkedIn Learning account will be auto-populated with basic information.
  • LinkedIn Learning will be able to use information such as your job title and listed skills to help promote videos and subjects you'll be interested in.
  • Future logins you will sign in first to your LinkedIn Learning BU account using your BU credentials, then sign into LinkedIn using the email/username and password of your LinkedIn account.

To access LinkedIn Learning:

  1. Go to https://www.bloomu.edu/linked-in-learning from your browser 
  2. Login using your BU credentials in the Husky Single Sign-On page
    Note: If you have your LinkedIn profile connected toyour BU LinkedIn Learning account, you will be directed to the LinkedIn login page where you will need to use your LinkedIn login