The embed option is only available to users who connect their LinkedIn account with the LinkedIn Learning account. Also there is a limit of 20 embedded videos per month. If you want to share more than 20 videos per month, share tlinks to the videos instead!

Go see how to share videos with links: How do I share LinkedIn Learning videos?

You can also share Collections. Go see how to create and share collections: What are LinkedIn LearningCollections and how can I create and share them?

If you want to embed a video:

  • Login to LinkedIn Learning.
  • Search for the course or video.
  • Open it up and in the upper right corner click the Share icon.
    share icon on LinkedIn Learning video
  • Select Embed.
    the Embed option with other options LinkedIn, Link, Teams, Email, Facebook, Twitter
  • Select Unlock this video to embed.
  • Copy the embed code and close the dialog box. Note: you will see how many embeds you have left for the month here.
    the Embed dialog box with Copy code button and the number of embeds left for the user for the month
  • Paste the embed code where needed in BOLT.